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Sasa Antic

Take a look at the beautiful home of the Swedish interior stylist.


Healthy treats the kids will eat.

Hello Yellow!

A bright cheerful color that can liven up any space.

It's Copper!


The New Website is Live!!

Be sure to check out my new website at where you can read updated posts to the blog. You can also view my portfolio and shop for products designed by me. Also, feel free to contact me with questions or if you'd like to work with me. Of course, there is a link to this blog on the right sidebar of the new blog and you can still access this blog at:



Hello all!! I have some news. I've decided that I need a more portfolio driven website. Someplace to showcase my work and also blog about my experiences. With that said, this blog will be moving! The address will be the same, but the look and feel will be new and improved!! I will also be sure to have links to any old posts as well. Now you will be able to see what I've been up to and it will be easier to purchase products designed by me.

Thank you for coming along for the ride...we still have many more places to go!


On Sale Now!!!

All pillows are 20% off now through Saturday. Visit my shop at Society6!!

Who I like: Jess Bruggink

While spending my free time on Pinterest looking for patterns for inspiration, I've stumbled upon a few designer's who I really like. I'm really drawn to their style and I think It also helps me to figure out who I am as a designer as well. I've created a board on Pinterest simply titled Surface Designers I really like.

Today I'd like to showcase one such designer. Jess Bruggink, a Minneapolis based artist, has a loose, organic graphic style. Some of her work includes florals, leaves, birds and simple geometric elements. She uses bold, vibrant color combinations that really speak to me. I see myself in her work a little bit. Take a look at some of my favorite pieces below:

Via Jessica Bruggink
Via Jessica Bruggink
Via Jessica Bruggink
Via Jessica Bruggink
To view more of her work, visit her site here! You can also shop her Etsy page!

New Year, New Opportunities!!

Happy 2015!!! 2014 was a year of many ups and downs for me. It took me most of the first half of the year to adjust to living in Argentina. I went through some serious depression and homesickness. I'm happy to say that those feelings are now in the past and I've been steadily working on my future. I have always loved fabrics and patterns so I have working on honing my craft as a Surface Pattern Designer. During the second half of the year, I took Make It In Design's Summer School, Module 1 of the MIID Design School and I'm currently taking the Make Art That Sells: Assignment Bootcamp.

It has been a challenge finding time to do it all while taking care of the kids. But it has been worth it. I have seen my work improve tremendously and I can't wait to really begin to make a living doing this. Of course there have been disappointments but it's all part of the process. As this new world of Surface Pattern Design opens up, you'll see more on the blog referencing that. The format may change a bit while I try to figure out how to incorporate my portfolio as well.

Thanks in advance for sharing this journey with me!

Shibumi Home Pattern Design Competition

So, I'm really starting to enjoy this competition thing. I like that I have a catalyst to really make me dig in and try something new. One thing that I know about myself is that I need deadlines. I need something/someone to crack the whip at times and light a fire under my butt. Although I didn't win, I really enjoyed this competition. I created some new designs and learned new ways of working.

Shibumi Home is passionate about design, pattern and decorating. An online store for fresh and modern home accessories, Shibumi Home will be open for business by the end of 2014. The winners submitted some really great designs and once the store is live, I will be sure to share a link. Congrats to all that won!!

Take a look at what I submitted and let me know what you think!


I like fashion, but I don't necessarily consider myself a fashionista. I don't follow trends and try to stick with what flatters my figure. One thing that always comes into play is a beautiful print or fabric. A nice neutral tone or pop of color. Since I've been putting myself out there and really digging into this surface design thing, I've been paying attention, close attention to trends. Fashion trends, color trends, Pantone, Pattern Observer...It's good stuff, it keeps my mind fresh and keeps those creative juices flowing. I just entered a contest (which I'll blog about after the winners have been announced so that I can show off my stuff...unless I win of course!) and now I may enter another. This one has more of a focus on fashion. In my research, I've been looking at 2015 Spring/Summer trends. Since it's Spring here in Argentina, it's perfect timing! I must admit, I'm still getting used to the way the Women dress here and I'm not yet on board so Momma Dawg is sending me a package of goodies. Here are some things I've come across in my research...Enjoy!!

Via Black Style Report
I've always been a fan of Tracy Reese(we share the same name and all). I love this dress, the cut and although I'm not usually a fan of animal print, I would sooooo rock this!! The juxtaposition of the stripe with the print just does it for me.

Via fashiontographer
The design on this Alice & Olivia dress is just stunning! And most definitely something I would wear. Not yet though, still have to tone my thighs!! I think this would work with heels or flat sandals.

Via fashiontographer
Another great piece by Alice & Olivia, this ensemble looks great together or as separates.

Via WeConnectFashion
I can't front, I'm loving the color and vibrance of this Tribal Beat girls theme for 2015. It's right up my alley.

I think documenting what inspires you is important. It keeps your ideas close at hand and I think it clears your mind to process and generate more.

I will be switching things up a bit with the blog/website as time allows (really, as the kids allow  because you know, they run shit up in here). More pretty images and more surface design.

Stay tuned!

Demestiks New York

I am absolutely loving this Etsy shop right now! I stumbled upon it about a year ago and completely forgot about it. I saw a nice video with the designer on the Elle Decor website and I am in love all over again. What initially sparked my interest and continues to, are the fabrics. Designer Ruben Reuel uses traditional Ankara and Holland wax print fabrics to create fun and exciting designs. I NEED one of everything! Plus, from his Etsy site he states:

The label’s initiative is to support domestic commerce by using fabrics, trims, notions, and production facilities in New York City in efforts to help preserve the Garment District. De-Mes'Tiks NYC by Reuben Reuel strongly believes in its motto: “Live to create, create to live”

Sounds good to me!! Now lets take a look at some of his fabulous pieces!

 The Kells Dress is part of a new collection that is available on his Etsy Shop
 I can see this being worn as shown, with some cute heels or also a cute pair of flat sandals. Love the colors and absolutely love the pattern.

 Oh. My. Goodness!! The Shavon Midi Skirt is Everything!! The colors, the cut. You could wear this with anything. Dress it up, dress it down..However. I love this!

This Tierra Romper is super cute. Again, all of his pieces are fun and versatile.

And there we have it! I also realized that I already pinned many of his designs on pinterest. Feel free to take a look at the video on the Elle Decor site here. Next time I'm in NY, I will be getting my fix.

Until next time....

Getting Down to Business

Now that I'm finished with summer school, I've decided that I really need to figure out a way to keep my life organized that I can really dedicate the time and energy to really making this work. I've loved pattern and textiles for so long and this feels like the perfect fit for me. I have to do it. It's been a very rough transition for me living in Argentina and I think part of the problem was feeling like I don't have an identity. In NY I had a career and friends and hobbies and I knew exactly what I wanted. But since having kids and leaving the states it's been a hard road.

Yes, I'm a Mommy. It's extremely rewarding, but also extremely difficult at times. You can never be prepared for the fact that you are everything to these little people, you are at their beck and call. Your life is not your own anymore. I've really taken the time to make a comfortable home for my family, so no matter where we are or what happens outside of the house they have a place where they feel safe and familiar. All except my office that is. Somehow, it's become a bit of a stash closet. Anything that needs to be put away but hasn't yet, ends up in here. I really have to make a conscious effort to keep this space clutter free. I think I need help in not only organizing my office, but organizing my life so that I have time to do the things that are important to ME. So I can do these things without feeling like I'm neglecting something else that needs to be done in the house.

Here are a few good articles and websites with things I'm willing to implement.

This great article from Zen Habits gives you 27 ways to stay organized. I realize now that I need a white board.

When I was pregnant and lived on the What to Expect App, the moms talked about this site often. The site has a lot going on, but there are some really helpful tips! It really is boot-camp for an organized life.

Lifehack is just a great site in general. This article on the 10 habits of highly organized people is a good read. It really is some of the simplest things that can make your life less chaotic.

Jess Lively. I've followed her blog for quite some time. Things have certainly changed as she's changed her business model. But she focuses on living a life with intention and now offers courses to help you do just that. You can take a look at her blog for tips and interviews with people who are doing just that.

Just in my own experience, a few things that work for me are:
  •  Staying healthy and disciplined is part of having an organized life. In my bouts of homesickness, I tend to eat. As a result, I gained about 20 pounds over the last year. Since regularly using this, I've lost 10.
  • Have a routine. Just like with children, everyone is happy when you know what's next. Wake up, give the kids breakfast, dressed for school. At night clean the kitchen etc... It's helped me tremendously. No longer do I dread some of these things(like cleaning), they are just part of the routine.
  • Don't think. Just do. This fits in with having a routine. If you dread doing the dishes and think about how much you don't want to do them, you will procrastinate. I think that goes for many things. Just do it.
I still have a long way to go. Especially with the dumping all of my papers in a drawer to be sorted later. Paper is my enemy. I'm getting there.

Please share any tips you have about living a more organized life.

Done with what?

So I've gotten through all six weeks of the Make it in Design Summer School. I'm actually a bit sad that it's over. The great thing is that I've been able to get feedback and learn so many new things just from the Facebook group alone. It makes you excited to see other work and also to showcase your own. People asked questions that I never even thought of and the responses helped me in so many ways. I've definitely improved in this short amount of time and I've learned that I need to keep challenging myself. I need to enter more competitions, whether it be through Spoonflower, Minted or other outlets I find. You can take a look at submissions and options for each brief below.

 Above are a few of my options for the second beginner brief. The assignment was to create something tribal. I'm really drawn to that stay anyway so this was a fun and exciting brief for me. Right up my alley!

On the other hand, for the third and final brief, the theme was jewels. This brief was really hard for me and I think my submissions came out like bad video game design LOL. I got a bit too crazy with bevel and emboss in Photoshop.

The second theme for the intermediate brief was Animal Print. I'm not really one for garanimal prints so this was a bit difficult also. I don't even think the subtle giraffe heads and print really registers. But maybe that's a good thing! The final intermediate brief theme was feathers. I really like how this came out. Too me it has a bit of a nautical theme, possibly because of the colors. What I'm learning is that I like order and organization so I keep pumping out all of these geometric patterns come in sizes that can be divided by I kid! But I think I need to challenge myself to be a bit more loose and organic.

I think I really loved all of the themes for the 2nd assignment in all three tracks. For the advanced brief, it was tribal collage. I was able to take sketches I'd been working on and use them. Unfortunately, I finished too late and missed the deadline for submission. For the third and final brief of them all, the theme was Intricate Chaos. Oh my was this difficult. Originally, I thought my original design (top left corner of the photo above) was pretty intricate. But as I sat with it I realized it was in no way chaotic. So I had some fun experimenting in Photoshop and what you see above is the finished result.

All in all, I had a wonderful experience and this has really lit a fire under my ass to keep going! SO...I signed up for Module 1 on the Make it in Design website.

I want to give a big thanks to Rachael Taylor and Beth Kempton for giving aspiring surface designers a chance and an outlet. Many years ago when I worked as an Interior Designer, it was difficult to find any information at all.


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